Pukis Padusari Pekanbaru

7:00 AM

Check the address on the packaging box! Yes, that's right, it's a street food brand with a social media awareness. They don't have any permanent building. They only occupy part of pedestrian. However, they have complete contact numbers and twitter account @PUKISPADUSARI.

Pukis dough is like waffle dough, it only has different mold. I'm not a fan of pukis, but I'm very curious about this one. Its location is near Mall Pekanbaru and they always have a long queue. If you want to buy it, tell your order to the seller, then you can go to Mall Pekanbaru instead of waiting there. But it's your choice. I don't have a good reputation in waiting for food.

The prices are ranging between Rp 1.300,- to Rp 2.000,- with some flavor choices. It's alright for night snack. I don't know if I should recommend it since I'm not too fond of pukis. 

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